Jane Keeler – Assistant Program Director & U10/U12/U14 Coach

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With 25 plus years of coaching and playing experience, Jane Keeler has seen the game of field hockey evolve.  Her early days of playing (in the 60’s) were spent using an ice hockey like stick and defense could not go past the 50 yard line!  Much has changed over the years, but Keeler’s love for field hockey has only grown.  From these years of experience and her shared passion for the game with Bree Gillespie, the Lanco Premier club team was born.  Keeler has a desire to encourage players and show them a love for the sport while making them the best player they can be.  When she is not coaching field hockey, Keeler is employed at the Lampeter YMCA as a personal trainer.  Her favorite part of the job is coaching a post-cancer class that Lancaster General Health and the YMCA offer to the community.
In her free time, Keeler enjoys spending time with her husband, three daughters and three grandsons.  They enjoy taking trips to the mountains and the beach!